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Hi there!

I’m James. After a conversation with a designer, I discovered that day that my love for hands on carpentry and the creative process could be a career in the design field. Starting in advertising, I was interested in the conversation between brands and people, but my move to product design allowed me to design direct solutions. 


As a designer, I want to bring clarity to the murky start, understanding the details and the big picture in order to directly impact the needs of people.  Whether I’m working on soft or hard goods, I combine technical solutions with the human experience, one that considers performance, ergonomics, functionality and longevity. Material innovation, 3D modeling and rapid prototyping, allow me to design adaptive and practical solutions that solve real problems for real people.

Working Philosophies

Good Tude

A positive attitude is everything. Whether your coworker drops a plate that being sent to your table, or your teammate drops that project you have been working on for 4 hours, mistakes are bound to happen. Failures are inevitable. Processing and learning from failures with a positive attitude is crucial to success.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is the other part of everything. Whether you are discussing the daily specials, or coordinating a product redesign, it is important to be concise and meaningful with your words.

Keep an Open Mind

Everyone has different methods. We all come from different backgrounds. Typically when it comes to doing something, there is no right or wrong, only different. Being understanding and accepting of this allows for growth, development, and a better perspective on who we are as people.

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