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Conquer Adaptive

Sportswear for Adaptive Athletes

Conquer is an adaptive sportswear company providing solutions dedicated to empowering athletes. Conquer creates solutions that improve the athlete's performance while aiming to address the lack of suitable clothing in adaptive sports. 


The patent-pending technologies are applied to a variety of sportswear to improve performance. 


Adaptive Soft and Hard Goods

Health and Wellbeing



Industrial Design

Concept Development

Rapid Prototyping


Andy Lin

Rancho Los Amigos Hospital

Triumph Foundation

Shawn Fluke

Jeff Higashi


Morgan West


The Challenges

Problems on the court ranged from accessibility to functionality. One of the most troubling problems is sliding around in the seat while playing. I would occasionally notice an athlete adjusting their shorts.

Ineffecient Materials

Traditional fabrics easily fray when coming in contact with spinning wheels. The shooting sleeves and long-sleeve shirts of those wearing them were getting destroyed

Lack of Protection

Player's arms were often bruised and scratched from contact with the wheel. 


Traditional clothing is not designed to meet the needs for seated athletes, as polyesters and nylons easily slide on the seat.

Conquer Sleeve
Conquer Sleeve

Solution #1:


Ultra Abrasion-resistant fabric strategically placed on the "hotspots" of sleeves of shirts and arm garments. The fabric is flexible, breathable, and machine washable. 

Machine Washable


Lightweight and breathable material wicks sweat and moisture. 


Skin contact, longer-lasting life against rim and wheel. 

Throw it in the wash, wash cold, and air dry. 

Conquer Gripwear

Solution #2:


Gripwear shorts provide stability with enhanced grip to prevent shifting when making quick movements, as well as preventing the need for constant adjustments on the court. They also address breathability and have the option of added padding for comfort. Magnetic closures allow for easy dress and hassle-free transfer.

Slip Resistant

Prevents the horizontal and lateral shifting of pants, a removes the need for constant adjustments. 

Cushion Padded

For impact absorption and added comfort and stability during long wear. 


Lightweight and breathable material wicks sweat and moisture, preventing moisture buildup.


Before designing, my goal was to learn more about the body and varying degrees of SCI injury. While observing at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, I focused on ergonometric, such as range of motion, hand contact, clothing contact, and push angles for those in wheelchairs. The range of motion differs across all people, but the specifics become crucial when Spinal Cord Injuries/Stroke afflicts the central nervous system and impedes optimal functionality. 

Exercise for Rehabilitation

Exercise is crucial to both rehabilitation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Work out plans are designed for the individual depending on their condition.


Exercising and Talking with Patients

The Don Cerritos Center is a gym at Rancho that is open to both patients and non-patients. I purchased a gym membership so I could work out and talk with patients who were recently disabled, as well as the resident staff working on site, who were often disabled themselves.

Research Tools

Flir One Camera 

Using the Flir One Pro Thermal camera, was able to record temperature readings over time in order to see how heat is stored in the chair. The thermal camera was also used to assess the breathability and water retention of materials over time. 

Pressure mapping is the analysis and measurement of pressure between two surfaces. In this case, one surface is the seat cushion of a wheelchair, and the other surface(s) is the clothing worn around the legs/body. It is important to be aware of any unwanted extra pressure from a fold or sew line as this has the potential to cause pressure sores. 

Rapid Prototype

Gripwear Concept 1

Rapid Prototyping with Used Clothing

After preliminary research, I sketched and mocked a few concepts that I then tested with multiple focus groups.

Testing with the Team

Any prototypes or revisions were field-tested with players from Rancho Los Amigos Rancho Renegades basketball team, the Northridge Knights Wheelchair Rugby team, or local players from the SoCal area.  

Rancho Renegade Practice

The Future

The athlete's needs will always be varied, and our solutions will evolve with them. There is a void in the sportswear market that serves these people and a need for better-designed sports gear. Sports and exercise bring purpose to many people’s lives and it should not be so difficult for physically challenged athletes to obtain the equipment that will help them achieve their goals.


Full process book available upon request via email

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