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I have always been a maker. Curious about the why, especially the small things. I lived in Australia for 3 years as a kid, got to see Bondi beach. I have loved to play guitar since I was 10. I’ve worked a smörgåsbord of different jobs (a dish washer, line cook, server, carpenters apprentice, graphic designer). I originally entered ArtCenter as an Advertising major.



Communication is important to me, especially conversation between brands and their consumers. I've focused my ArtCenter college career on medical products and designing for extreme scenarios. I am interested in EEG technology and how its growth and implementation will mold our future.



I am looking for an environment to continue coming up with fun ideas and see them to execution. Also looking to improve my manufacturing skills and overall knowledge of product generation. 




general guidelines 

I operate by these three things in no particular order. 

a good attitude 

A positive attitude is everything. Whether your coworker drops a plate that being sent to your table, or your teammate drops

that project you have been working on for 4 hours, mistakes are bound to happen. Failures are innevitable. So handling failures

with a positive attitude is crucial to success.

communicate effectively

Communication is the other part of everything. Whether you are discussing the daily specials, or coordinating a product redesign, it is important to be concise and meaningful with your words.

keep an open mind

Everyone has different methods. We all come from different backgrounds. Typically when it comes to doing something, there is no right or wrong, only different. Being understanding and accepting of this allows for growth, development, and a better perspective on who we are as people.


ArtCenter College of Design (2015-2020) 

Product Design, BS


Delft University of Technology (2019), 

Industrial Design Engineering, Masters 



Curious, Leadership, Positivity, Open minded, Enjoys Life


Ideating, Sketching, Hand Modelling, Construction, 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Functional Modelling, Physical Computing, Arduino Raspberry Pi



Adobe Suite Illustrator/Photoshop/ Indesign, Solidworks, Sketchup, ZBrush, Keyshot, Blender, Python coding, C#




Solar Energy Internship in Cambridge, MA. UX/UI work for POS transactions and cataloguing.


Building and Restoration Services 


Commercial construction, installations, and renovations of various establishments in the Greater Boston Area.


The Lyons Group, Inc


Marketing and graphic design. Designed websites and used Adobe Photoshop to create menus for a startup restaurant for Five Roses Pub in Rosemont, IL. Mass Marketing Research for pub crawls across Boston.


Hot Wheels GO - Mattel TDS


Innovated a new play system (AR/Physical) for Hot Wheels with team.




Wayfinding and Spatial Team,  - The Beauty of the Fall. designed and installed signage and layout

Speaker Coach, worked with 3 speakers preparing their speechs


Nanoteer - VentureWell | UCLA Sponsored Project


Worked with nanoscientists and designers to create a gaming system to inspire the next generation of nanoscientists.


Formula E Rubberband Race


Prototyping and tested a working RC car run solely on rubberbands and two servos. Participated in the final competition and made it to the final rounds in all 3 events

UCLA Medical Innovations


Prototyping and tested a working RC car run solely on rubberbands and two servos. Participated in the final competition and made it to the final rounds in all 3 events



Adaptive Athletic Clothing brand.


RYO Financial Services

Utilized distributive Ledger Based/Blockchain technology to build NFC terminal based payment system. Top 10 Finalist in QC Fintech Accelerator Program. Pitched concept infront IBM, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and 25 other companies.


Annual Inventio!Brains Neuroscience Competition 

1st Place 

Worked with team to create engaging 1 minute film aimed at capturing the attention of a panel of qualified judges. MA Greenstein Institute Fellowship


Architecture Competition

Sustainability Award 

Architecture Department of TU Delft

25 Hour Design Competition