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In-Home Automation System

Crownstone is an existing company that

produces smart outlets to create an automated home experience. 


In order to improve the current product and create a richer and more personal experience, our design team from the Technical University of Delft set out to redesign the existing system with focus on the user, the home owner. 


Spring 2019 

TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering

Masters Program

Delft, Netherlands


Project Lead

Industrial Designing, Concept Development, 3D Printing, 3D Modelling, 3d Rendering, Rapid Prototyping


Paloma Esquivel

Jill van Remundt

Tess van Denberg

Yancheng Du

Crownstone home illustration


Let your home

take care of you.

The Crownstone system makes your life easier through intuitive automation. 


By automating different aspects of home living, such as lighting management and power optimization, giving you full remote control of your home. saves you time.

Crownstone connects via Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth the Connect

Bluetooth enabled devices are able to connect with the Crownstone system, allowing the system to detect the home owners presence. 

behaviors 2 copy 7.png

Home, your way.

Coming home? The Crownstone is ready to accommodate. By understanding and learning from the home owner's habits, the Crownstone system adapts to their lifestyles over time.  Set your room to your preference, so it reacts to your needs.

Away Mode

Home Mode

Learn and Save

Learn about your power consumption and how you can improve savings on your power bill and overall energy efficiency of your home.

User Scenario Video

Process Overview

Process Overview

Over the course of 20 weeks we designed and created a new branding direction for Crownstone. Below is a breakdown of our progress. 



Storyboard #1
Storyboard #2
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