3D Fundamentals

Spring 2017

ArtCenter College of Design

Spot is a community controlled speaker, accessible by premium Spotify users. 



Located in bars, venues, restuarants and other public places where listening makes sense.


How can we continue to connect through music in the physical world?

The speaker can be activated from the Spotify app, where users can select from a curtailed playlist of songs.

User Controls Playlists

via Spotify App


Below is a brief journey of the process of creating the Spot speaker.

Speaker Teardown

To start I began by working with an existing speaker, a Sony XB-30 Bluetooth Speaker. 

Speaker Features

After disassembling the speaker, I sketched each component 1:1 on vellum for reference in my design. 


The first few weeks were spent exploring form and function. I took inspiration from previous jukeboxes and public venues, as well as 

Testing Public Spaces

I placed mockups of speakers in public areas to get a sense of people would react, and began protoyping

Vacuum Forming 

After finding a form I was comfortable with, a saga of vacuum forming began...

Design Refinements

The first few weeks were spent exploring form and function.

The speaker box mounts into the front plate, which clamshells with the backplate.

Sanding Jigs and

Button Making 

Due to the curvature of where I wanted to place my buttons, a jig needed to be created to match these complex curves. I tested the box to make sure the vibrations were going to rattle when the speaker was turned on.

Sand and Buff 

I hand sanded the faceplate and backplate up to 2000. After sanding, I used a 3 flight polish set to buff the exterior of both plates. I sand blasted the interior to give the paint some tooth to grab onto. 

Primetime Painttime

After sanding and polishing the plates, painted an electric green backmask with automotive paint.